This website presents the to Rescue converter

OpenStreetMap to Rescue is a plugin for the JOSM editor used to edit data from that enables the conversion of OpenStreetMap GIS data to the format used by the Robocup Rescue Simulation System.

The city of London converted from OpenStreetMap data (left) to the Rescue Simulation System (right), using the 1.0.0 version of the converter.


  • 2014/04/07: Version 2.0.0 of the plugin with direct support of the GML format has been released.


Download JOSM, and the RCR-Converter plug-in. [jar]
Copy rcr_converter-2.0.0.jar to the JOSM plugins directory: ∼/.josm/plugins
Start JOSM, enable the Rescue Plugin.

Download or open map data from openstreetmap.
Click "make rescue map" and "make buildings" (if necessary).
Click "regenerate entrances" and "create entrances"
Click "save map" and enter a filename.