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Welcome to the RoboCupRescue 3D Viewer Project!



PokalWinner of the "Infrastructure Competition"* at RoboCupRescue simulation 2005 in Portugal.

New Features

The 3D viewer offers many new features:
  • Online operation via TCP/IP connection to a kernel
  • Offline operation by parsing rescue.log and action.log
  • 3D visualization of the RoboCupRescue world
    • Smoke effects and nice animations in order to attract spectators
  • 2D visualization of the RoboCupRescue world
    • A quick overview of the map
  • Statistics view
    • Instead of having one single score, team performance can be evaluated by various aspects, such as the team's efficiency in exploration or rescue of civilians
    • Easy comparison of two teams. Statistics of the current run can be compared to any other run by parsing a logfile simultanuosly. On can see the concrete difference of two teams.<>
  • 3D perspective selection from the 2D map
  • Multi-window and Multi-Monitor operation

Latest Version

4. Oktober 2005 Version 0.0.4 new



* Together with the ResQ Firesimulator