Institut für Informatik, Universität Freiburg


A RoboCup F2000 Simulator


A Picture of the server


Simsrv is a 2D simulator for the RoboCup F-2000 (mid-sized) league, but could also be used to simulate other environments, such as an office area. The server is based on a TCP/IP architecture which allows clients programmed in any language to be simulated. Currently, we provide a client package with a GUI in C++/QT.

The simulator is developed as a joint open source project by the universities of Freiburg (Alexander Kleiner) and Stuttgart (Thorsten Buchheim). The simulator achieves a maximum degree of modularity by a plugin based architecture and allows teams to share software modules for different sensors, motion models or even complete behaviours.

Robots are specified by configuration files, describing their geometry, properties of sensors and manipulators. Have a look to a configuration file for a COPS or CS-Freiburg player. The simulated environment is also described by a configuration file. Have a look to the description of the soccer field from the GermanOpen in Paderborn 2002.

The idea behind the project is to make it feasible to share software among diverse robots in the F2000 league. Therefore, we like to encourage other teams to contribute to the project by programming plugins for their own arichtecture but also by programming algorithms for localization, planning and learning based on the abstract interface of the plugins.





Alexander Kleiner, 02.02.2003