The TechX Challenge is a competition organized by DSTA, Singapore's national authority for defense science and technology.

Description of the competition scenario
The TechX robot must be capable of autonomous navigation and target identification and engagement. It will have to navigate its way through a number of different settings, from an outdoor environment to an indoor urban location. Along the way, the TechX robot has to overcome obstacles, negotiate stairs, operate an elevator to reach a particular floor in the building to search for and engage designated static targets before proceeding back to the starting point. The TechX robot will be expected to have the relevant payloads to facilitate navigation and execution of the tasks as required.

DSTA will award one million Singapore dollars to the team whose TechX robot completes all stipulated tasks in the shortest time within an hour. No winner will be declared and no prize shall be awarded should there be no team that completes the tasks and navigate to the finishing line within one hour.